Benefits of L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine is made up of a special acid called amino acid. This amino acid is a very useful component in human muscular system. These days it is the main component used by the people to gain more and more physical strength and power in their bodies. The way it helps with weight loss is that it aids in digestion. The more properly food is digested and eliminated, the more successful the weight loss will be. The pepper also helps to stimulate saliva which naturally has the effect of slowing down the eating process, thus allowing one’s stomach more time to reach the feeling of fullness which is also the message to stop eating.

L-glutamine is also beneficial for your brain. Not only does it helps with memory function but also seems to help elevate your mood. It can also help your immune system get stronger which means your body will be better at fighting infections. Studies do show that glutamine is very important in the proper functioning of our immune system. Because of the anti-catabolism properties of l-glutamine, your muscles won’t experience breakdown – provided that there is always enough of this amino acid in your system. L-glutamine, of course, has many other benefits and functions as well. For example, it is important for a clean intestinal tract. It boosts the immune system.

Many people find that L-Glutamine works best when they are in their cutting up phase, or any other time when you are trying to lose fat. During this phase you’re trying to lose fat while at the same time you want to maintain as much muscle as possible. L-Glutamine can be very useful to anyone trying to do this because it is an anti-catabolic. If your calories are too low you can actually lose muscle, reducing your metabolic rate even further. Higher growth hormone levels can burn fat and build more muscle; glutamine raises growth hormone levels. It can also help to regulate blood sugar levels, lowers sugar cravings and is even used after surgery for faster recovery times.

Glutamine may also be bought in powder form which is white and has no smell or taste. Taking it makes one feel less tired after working out. A teaspoon is taken per day plainly or by mixing in your drink preferably milk. Failure to replace the high levels of glutamine consumed during intense exercise could result in greater susceptibility to illness due to a weakening of the immune system. In addition, glutamine stolen from the muscles to maintain the immune system must be replaced to keep those muscles building.

One of the main reasons that supplements with L-glutamine are so safe for your body is that it already occurs naturally in your body. The benefits that you obtain when using such natural supplements as L-glutamine can be amazing such as the great anti-catabolic agent that it provides, protecting your muscles from hormone cortisol and the catabolic activities that are involved. Most experts agree that there are no real side effects of l-glutamine because it naturally occurs in the body. It also does not cause any health problems. However, as with anything else, when the levels of this amino acid are too high, this can cause adverse problems.

Premier Sports Nutrition

In order to build lean muscle more calories should be consumed than are used on a daily basis. A diet must consist of sufficient protein or protein supplements / whey protein shakes, carbohydrates and fats for this to happen. Training is the stimulus for muscle growth and training actually breaks muscle down, which then creates a situation where the muscles will overcompensate by absorbing more protein (amino acids) and nutrients, in order to repair, strengthen and increase size. Meals should be small and often to ensure a steady supply of nutrients, every 3 hours or so. Consume a wide variety of protein sources such as CNP Protein supplements, Whey Protein Shakes, Bars and flapjakcs from PSN.

-Make complex carbohydrates your primary energy source

-Supplementing before and after your workouts is very important

-Ensure adequate daily supply of vitamin and minerals

-Drink plenty of water daily

-Monitor your weight on a weekly basis

-Get plenty of rest

The basic rules for constructing muscle tissue (weight gain) are as follows.

Your diet has to provide sufficient protein which is essential for maintenance, repair, growth of muscle tissue and all cells within the body. Consume approximately 1½ grams of protein per pound of bodyweight or gain weight using weight gaining supplements like CNP Pro Mass. In order to allow protein to repair and construct muscle tissue, you must consume enough energy foods mainly from complex carbohydrates and essential fats. Only consume simple sugars immediately after a workout (Pro Recover). CNP Pro Mass is the ideal supplement to your diet because if you do not eat enough energy foods then your body will not use protein for repair and growth as your body requires calories for energy to keep you going, thus converting protein into energy.

Carbohydrates are protein sparring and are an important part of your nutritional plan. Start off at 2 grams of carbohydrates per pound of bodyweight. Fats should make up 20% of your daily calorie intake, these should mainly be in the form of essential fats i.e. – fish oils, CLA, Flax seed, but your saturated fat should be kept to a minimum. Aim to increase your bodyweight around ½-1 lb a week, large increases in bodyweight will more than likely be in the form of body fat. If you do not gain weight as mentioned above just increase your daily food intake by 400-500 calories.

For some people eating so can be too hard or they just don’t have the time so this is where consuming a weight gaining supplement such as CNP Pro Mass can be invaluable.

Basic Sports Nutrition for Budding Athletes

Seeing those athletes during the Olympic Games makes most people excited about the games. It seems that their talent, athletic build, and popularity make them look like a superhero and people seem to admire them even more. Not only do they make their own country proud, but they inspire people around the world. However, not many people are aware of the sports nutrition that these athletes have to maintain.

Perhaps most would think that they only need to eat a balanced diet and an energy drink, whilst others may already know that they need to follow a tougher diet regime. Athletes and non-athletes need the same basic nutrition. The only difference is that athletes need a higher level of nutrition due to the effort they exert before, during, and after their event.

Eating a balanced diet, especially during breakfast, should be the top priority of every athlete. In this way, they can be certain that they will be getting the right quality of healthy products to be physically healthy for every sports event. Moreover, since energy is what they need to keep going to the highest level of their performance, they need foods that are also rich in carbohydrate, fats, and protein.

Almost everyone knows that carbohydrates are essential for energy. This is also the case for athletes. Carbohydrates immediately turn into other forms of sugar such as glucose and that is one of the ways where they get their required energy.

Though fats are more often regarded as bad for health, it is a vital element in sports nutrition. Stored fats serve as a cushion and insulator to other vital organs in the body. It is also used by the body as a form of energy that fuels an individual to continue an activity for a longer period. It is just that converting stored fats into energy takes a bit longer.

Finally, protein is required by athletes so that their body can repair muscles and tissues. Protein can also be used as fuel during endurance exercises. When protein is used this way, there may not be enough to repair the muscles and tissues.

Aside from taking foods rich in carbohydrate, fats, and protein and aside from maintaining a healthy diet daily, an athlete needs another essential thing to keep their performance level. Water is very important. Since they lose a lot of water through sweat and are exposed to higher temperature, they need to be hydrated more often.

Drinking adequate water throughout the day is essential. It is not however advisable to just drink a large quantity of water all at once. Drinking a sports drink on the other hand can also be helpful because it replaces electrolytes and other elements in an athlete’s body. This can be helpful if an athlete is in the middle of a training session.

To sum up all the sports nutrition needed by the athletes, they simply have to bear in mind to eat the right food, drink adequate amount of water, and supply the body with vitamins and minerals before, during, and after their training or the sports event.

Top 5 Foods That Are Anti Inflammatory

Forget me not

Only someone who has suffered from memory loss can understand the frustration of not being able to remember the significant and insignificant details of life. From forgetting mundane things like where you kept your glasses to factual details like names, birthdays, anniversaries, and other key events – memory loss can lead to many an embarrassing situation.

While many people associate memory loss with aging, certain ailments, medication, injuries, can also result in serious loss of memory. However, memory loss because of aging is qualitatively different from memory loss due to an illness.

So, why exactly do older people in particular have this problem? The answer lies in the fact that the brain, much like any other organ in the body, goes through wear and tear through years of use. This may lead to the brain losing some of its sharpness and changes in the way it stores and processes information. Also, after a certain age, we begin losing brain cells and our bodies stop producing optimum level of chemicals needed for the brain to function. This may also lead to memory loss as we grow older.

Types of Memories

Human memory can be very broadly classified into short term or working memory and long term memory. These two broad categories can be further sub-divided into various categories.

Short Term Memory: Short term memory is information you keep in mind for a very short time. It lasts less than a minute and has limited capacity. The information stored in short term memory is either passed on to the long term memory after a few seconds or discarded from the brain altogether.

Long Term Memory: It refers to the information stored in your brain over a long time. It may include information from a few minutes ago to memories from your distant past. Recent long term memory refers to events that happened in the recent past, such as names of people you met recently or the outfit you wore yesterday. Remote long term memory records the distant past such as memories from your childhood.

Aging does not affect short term or remote long term memories. It is the recent memories that aging brain cells find difficult to store. So, while you may not remember what happened in your favorite soap yesterday or a conversation you had in the morning, you’ll be surprised at being able to recall events from your childhood down to the very last detail.

What can you do?

You can follow a three-pronged approach to overcome memory loss – keep your mind and body active through mental and physical exercise, eat foods that aid memory retention, and take memory enhancing supplements.

Move Those Muscles

Stimulating your brain muscles through mental exercises or brain aerobics for 30 minutes to an hour everyday helps memory retention. Brain aerobics or mental gymnastics include activities such as singing songs, solving crossword or jigsaw puzzles, reading books or newspapers, learning a new language, acquiring computer skills, memorizing shopping lists, discussing news and current affairs, playing board games, and engaging in hobbies such as music or art.

Keeping your body fit through regular physical exercise also helps sharpen your memory. Exercising regularly supplies oxygen to the brain and reduces the likelihood of ailments that may lead to memory loss. Moreover, walking is believed to regenerate brain cells.

Food For Thought

There are certain foods that help build better memory. Foods rich in folic acid, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene have lots of nutritional value for the brain.

Needless to say a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, soybeans, nuts, and healthy fats like tuna, salmon, mackerel, and flaxseed oil aid memory retention besides having other health benefits.

Memory Vitamins – Powering Brain

Supplementing your healthy diet and regular mental and physical exercise with the right kind of memory vitamins supports mental wellness. These memory supplements and memory vitamins come packed with specific nutrients that aid mental sharpness and speed.

Some of the memory supplements that aid brain power include Huperzine A, Phosphatidylserine, Vinpocetine, Cognizin, Blueberry Extract, and Vitamin B-12.

Memory supplements such as Memory Matrix include the nutritional power of all these substances to keep your brain functioning at an optimum level. Memory Matrix is a doctor formulated and scientifically researched memory supplement that supports mental clarity, memory retention, cell to cell communication, and healthy blood and oxygen flow to the brain among other things.

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you have to accept memory loss as part of life. Stimulate your brain, get some exercise, eat healthy, reduce stress, stay positive, and take the right memory vitamins to spend your golden years having fun and maintain your dignity. After all, the only thing age should be associated with is wisdom!

Whey Protein will not make you BIG – Myth Dispelled

Whey Protein and Weight Loss Whey Protein has long had the reputation for being a supplement aimed at the bodybuilding market. It is also true that many women are intimidated by Whey Protein because of this. In this article, I hope to dispel some of these myths;

Whey Protein will not “make you big”, this is a myth

Whey Protein alone will not build you into some kind of hulk. If you started taking whey protein without doing the required training, you would excrete it, as the body does not need it.

Size and mass is gained through training combined with a high calorie diet and suitable protein intake. The best diets for gaining mass includes high intake of low GI and high GI carbohydrate sources. Many of the supplements designed for building mass contain more than just protein.

Whey Protein can help you achieve a lean toned physique A quality Whey protein powder can help to curb appetite, boost antioxidant levels promote healthy bacteria in the gut. The recovery properties of whey protein are well known (see my other articles for information of Whey protein and recovery) By drinking a whey protein shake after your session in the Gym, you are giving your body a hit of protein, essential amino acids and Branched Chain Amino Acids which it need to recover from exercise.

Some of the Whey Protein Powder on the market is designed with women in mind. These products, marketed at women, are in fact no different to the whey protein products marketed at bodybuilders for so long.

Some Diet Protein products contain extra ingredients to help with weight management and fat loss. Examples for these are; Green Tea – An a natural Antioxidant with a reputation for weight loss success CLA – Clarinol (Conjucated Lineolic Acid) is a research proven diet aid and is particular popular with people trying to shift stubborn tummy fat. Pro Biotics – These are the friendly bacteria found in popular yoghurt drinks

The Wonders of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a medicine known to avoid seventy-seven % of every cancer type. Doctors are beginning to advise it for patients who are sick from this disease. Although it is not a cure per se, vitamin D can effectively stop the disease for people who are vulnerable. Besides cancer, vitamin D can also help one in avoiding heart disease. Increasing one’s vitamin D levels with medicines or more sunlight exposure can help one to be not as vulnerable to suffering heart disease. Vitamin D battles heart disease by increasing the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, and aluminum. An increased level of calcium blood levels has been associated with heart conditions.
There is an inverse relationship between one’s vitamin D levels and the likelihood of heart conditions. Heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and overweight are more likely to happen to people with minor vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D lessens the occurrence of these conditions by enhancing your immune system. The appropriate amount of sun exposure really allows an individual to lead an extremely balanced lifestyle. Today, [physicians are prescribing 1,000 to 4,000 IUs daily of vitamin D supplements. Supplements are specifically prescribed to people who don’t get regular quantity of sunlight exposure. Other diseases affected by lessened sunlight exposure are psoriasis, periodontal disease, and eczema. Another physical aspect influenced by the amount of vitamin D and sun exposure is a person’s fertility.

Vitamin D is not only taken from sun exposure. It is also supplemented from enriched milk, foods, supplements, and cod liver oil. people who stay in low sunny regions should add increased supplements and vitamin D enriched meals in their food plans. If you have sufficient exposure to sunlight (ie people whose job requires going beneath the sun), then you won’t have to stock up on medicines.

Studies have shown that vitamin D also lessens the chance of getting diabetes. The vitamin supplements can stop diabetes in the body parts without vitamin D quantities. A research of the association between Type 2 diabetes and surrounding aspects proved that reduced vitamin D levels heightened one’s risk of glucose intolerance.

A person can buy vitamin D aides and pills from online drug stores for lower prices. You do not have to go the extra mile (or expense) to stop heart condition. You just needs to connect online and look for trusted pharmacies that sell medicines online. To guarantee you do not waste more cash than anticipated, go to online pharmacy reviews. These testimonies are given by real customers who explain their good or negative experiences. Certain pharmacy review sites include a rating system to provide you a general idea of the internet store’s goods. There are some recognized online pharmacies you can order from without getting scammed. These pharmaceuticals let you to set aside more money.
Specify your options to websites with good testimonies. See if these trusted online pharmacies have the necessary vitamin D medicines. Be sure to see the physician before buying any medicines on the internet. The best pharmaceuticals will need a doctor’s prescription note.

Omega 3 From Vegetarian And Vegan Supplements

Most of us know that we can get a healthy amount of Omega 3 from fish. What are some of the benefits of Omega 3 and why are health enthusiasts crazy our this nutrition?

Apparently, Omega 3 can help to strengthen the brain, the eyes, as well as the nervous system. Taken on a regular basis, this nutrient can help improve cardiovascular fitness. That means if you are concerned about heart diseases, a healthy dosage of Omega 3 can help reduce the risks. No wonder more and more people are buying food and supplements that contain this nutrient.

However, getting this vitamin from fish isn’t always ideal. What about those who are strictly vegetarian? Does that mean they will miss out on the benefits of Omega 3 for life? Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are now health supplements in the market that are suitable for vegetarians. The vitamins are extracted from algae instead of fish. Fish has a lot of Omega 3 in them because they get them from the algae that is consumed.

In pill form, the algae is organically grown under strictly controlled environments. This means that the vitamin is very pure and free from toxins from the external environment.

So why take the supplement in pill form?

Here are some common reasons.

1) Convenience.

You don’t have to cook up a storm in the kitchen before you can have your daily dosage of Omega 3. All you have to do is to open the bottle and pop a couple of pills. The recommended dosage is 2 pills per day. In short, pills can be a huge time saver.

2) Affordability.

Due to the supplement being mass produced, it is available at highly affordable prices. A bottle comes with 60 pills (about a month supply), and the price is about $20 per bottle. Almost any one can afford to pay $20 per month for better health!

3) To supplement daily diet.

We don’t always eat foods that are high in Omega 3 on a daily basis. For this reason, there may be a need to supplement our daily diet with high quality pills. For instance, if you don’t eat fish, you may be denying yourself of the health benefits of this unique vitamin. Or as mentioned earlier, if you are a vegetarian, you may also be missing out.

4) Cardiovascular fitness.

It’s all about the heart. Many people suffer from heart related diseases (especially those in the middle age) because they don’t watch their diet. They eat anything (mostly junk food) on a daily basis, and didn’t think that something bad can happen – until it’s too late. Don’t let your health deteriorate to a stage where it’s hard to salvage. Prevention is always better than cure. If you know of the consequences that are related to heart diseases, you will surely take better care of your health so as to avoid the pain and suffering.

Of course, before taking any supplements, remember to consult your family doctor.

Canned Mackerel – a Healthy Food Choice?

Mackerel can be canned in water, salt water, tomato sauce, olive oil and other vegetable oils. Of course, fresh fish taste much better when compared with canned fish.

As lean fish protein source, many people prefer mackerel canned in salt water, while mackerel canned in various oils or tomato sauce they generally avoid. Mackerel canned in olive oil taste much better than mackerel canned in salt water, but it is also much more caloric – single tablespoon of olive oil has around 15g – 135 kcal. To reduce amounts of fats in such canned mackerel, many people put canned fish in strainer and wash it using plenty of fresh lemon juice. On the other hand, those who are worried about sodium levels should choose mackerel canned in plain water – it can be almost tasteless – just taste of fish, but those cans contain nothing but the fish meat and plain water.

Content of mercury in canned mackerel is relatively low, especially when compared with mercury levels of large predatory species like tuna or marlin. Some mackerel species, like king mackerel can have moderate levels of cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals and pollutants.

For example, FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) reports from 1990-2010, state that levels of mercury in swordfish:

– 0.995 PPM (parts per million) on average

– 3.220 PPM maximum

This is statistics for 636 samples.

Statistics for mercury in King mackerel:
– 0.730 PPM on average

– 1.670 PPM maximum

This is statistics for 213 samples.

Levels of mercury in Atlantic mackerel:
– 0.050 PPM on average

– 0.160 PPM maximum

This is statistics for 80 samples.

According to NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) and FDA, children, pregnant woman and those women trying to get pregnant should eat no more than:

– King mackerel – generally this kind of mackerel should be avoided,

– Mackerel (Spanish, Gulf) – consume no more than three 180g (6 oz.) servings per month,

– Mackerel (North Atlantic) – consume no more than two 180g (6 oz.) servings per week.

Other people can safely follow these recommendations – after all, what is safe for children and pregnant women, it is also safe for others. Mackerel from much cleaner seas (some parts of Mediterranean, for example) can be eaten more often – it is very important to read the labels and follow the recommendation guidelines regarding mercury levels in the fish.

Various canned mackerel recipes enable every person to enjoy this type of food avoiding boredom. Generally, when planning such meals, one should try to consume some healthy fiber source (leafy or green vegetables, salads, whole grain bread etc.) with canned mackerel – such foods are very voluminous when compared to usable calories that body can digest. Also, they are very low on simple carbs and rich in complex carbs and digestive fibers – they are digested slowly and such meals supply the body with more or less constant flow of macronutrients avoiding strong rise of blood sugar and insulin spikes.

If you are hard gainer and you want to gain weight, preferably muscles, then add some source of simpler carbs like potato salad, sweet potato, brown rice etc. to increase daily amount of calories – according to your dieting plan. Such meals provide more calories and are easier and faster to digest.

Although exact nutritional values depend on mackerel specie, fishing grounds, seasons etc., canned mackerel is great source of fish protein, fat soluble vitamins (like vitamin D), minerals and healthy fats and it should be part of healthy diet of anybody wanting to become and stay fit. Just be careful about what mackerel specie you are consuming …

Are You Chronically Dehydrated?

Believe it or not, most people function in a chronic state of dehydration. Whether it is due to your busy schedule or simply not having fresh, clean water on hand when you need it, it is likely that you are not drinking the amount of fluids your body truly needs.

As your body becomes accustomed to this chronic dehydration, you lose sensitivity to water deprivation and stop feeling thirsty when you need water. This can become a major problem, as water comprises over half of your body mass in the form of intracellular fluid, interstitial fluids, cerebrospinal fluid, and others. These fluids unite your various organs and physiological systems into one coherent organism, allowing for many of the body’s most critical communications.

Of your body’s fluids, none are more life-sustaining than blood itself, as blood is your body’s vehicle for delivering nutrients, oxygen and vital components to your tissues through the arterial and capillary system. The same blood is also used to carry carbon dioxide, byproducts and waste products through the venous system to discharge them through the lungs by exhalation or through sweat, stool or urine.

So what does this have to do with your water intake? Water comprises roughly 83 percent of your blood volume, so dehydration can cause major problems for overall health. Attempting to function without enough water is similar to running a car without enough oil to lubricate its system.

The solution is simple: Drink more water—just be wary of where it comes from. While it seems that bottled water is the wisest choice, there is far less oversight of the quality of bottled water than plain, filtered tap water—a fact that might come as a major shock to anyone spending top dollar on a supposedly safe, clean way to hydrate. Water quality tests for bottled products are not required by the FDA and in the past several years, bottled water has been recalled due to contamination with arsenic, bromate, cleaning compounds, mold, and bacteria. Unfortunately, that is not the only concern that comes with bottled water—the potential health-related and environmental risks of its plastic packaging are also something to consider.

In the end, tap water that is filtered through an activated carbon filter is probably your safest bet. If, however, you are still worried about potential contaminants lurking in your water, you can always consider one of the many home filtration systems available on the market today.

Finally, regular detox programs (including safe and gentle chelation) can help to ensure that your body stays hydrated and healthy throughout the seasons.

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits And Ways To Make use of

Apple cider vinegar has been utilised for years and years as a natural medicine for numerous health and fitness conditions. These days it truly is commonly utilized for its weight reduction effects as well as for improving blood circulation around the body. Apple cider vinegar is really a secure natural food that’s fine for young children to make use of too. Up to now you’ll find no known side effects.

Apple cider vinegar is created from fermenting apple juices twice. The very first time turns the juice into apple cider even though the second fermentation turns it into cider vinegar. Though it takes several fermentations to reach the last item, it still retains the nutrients from its original form at the same time as adding enzymes and additional acids created from the fermentation process.

You are able to use the apple cider vinegar as household remedies for several illnesses. 1 belief and benefit is its anti-aging properties. It performs detoxification and cleansing functions which lead to body detox. As healing elixir, it possesses regular antibiotics and antiseptics which are utilized by the body to combat bacteria and germs inside the human program, explicitly inside the digestive tract. It truly is also beneficial to the digestive program given that it breaks down the proteins, fats and minerals from the what you eat.

Very good for skin- The skin-conscious ladies also eat the apple cider vinegar in order to develop a remarkable fairness, softness and elasticity on their skin.

Reduces weight- Those that have gained a weight and desire to get rid of extra fat of their lethargic body also meet their desire by often consuming the apple cider vinegar.

Enhances taste of food products- Serving as taste maker the cider vinegar of apple improves the natural aroma and taste of quite a few food goods at the same time. It’s the only reason that it’s utilised inside the kitchen as a essential residence item.

If you want to obtain the very best outcomes, you ought to don’t use anything but organic apple cider vinegar which is created from fresh apples. When the fermentation takes location, you’ll start taking note of a web-like substance. Organic apple cider vinegar is wealthy in potassium, enzymes and calcium. It promotes vitality and boosts your immune program.

The top apple cider vinegars are supposed to be those that contain natural “mother of vinegar” and aren’t added any chemical preservative. Since the commercially produced apple cider vinegars are necessary to be stored and then transported in varying temperatures, the chemical preservatives are added in them which lessen natural significance of the cider vinegars packed within the bottles. The cider vinegars, created of organically grown apples soon after becoming cold pressed are the 100% pure, efficient and natural apple cider vinegar providing the very same positive aspects you have to be trying to find. As such sort of apple cider vinegars cannot be availed inside the marketplace, the homemade apple cider vinegars are the only cider vinegars which provide 100% rewards of naturally produced apple cider vinegars. The “mother of vinegar” is formed at the second fermentation which delivers exceptional apple cider vinegar advantages in a type of most vital natural gelatinous substance. People who don’t need to compromise with their well being prepare 100% pure and natural cider vinegar of apples at household themselves for all varieties of cider vinegar rewards.