Whey Protein will not make you BIG – Myth Dispelled

Whey Protein and Weight Loss Whey Protein has long had the reputation for being a supplement aimed at the bodybuilding market. It is also true that many women are intimidated by Whey Protein because of this. In this article, I hope to dispel some of these myths;

Whey Protein will not “make you big”, this is a myth

Whey Protein alone will not build you into some kind of hulk. If you started taking whey protein without doing the required training, you would excrete it, as the body does not need it.

Size and mass is gained through training combined with a high calorie diet and suitable protein intake. The best diets for gaining mass includes high intake of low GI and high GI carbohydrate sources. Many of the supplements designed for building mass contain more than just protein.

Whey Protein can help you achieve a lean toned physique A quality Whey protein powder can help to curb appetite, boost antioxidant levels promote healthy bacteria in the gut. The recovery properties of whey protein are well known (see my other articles for information of Whey protein and recovery) By drinking a whey protein shake after your session in the Gym, you are giving your body a hit of protein, essential amino acids and Branched Chain Amino Acids which it need to recover from exercise.

Some of the Whey Protein Powder on the market is designed with women in mind. These products, marketed at women, are in fact no different to the whey protein products marketed at bodybuilders for so long.

Some Diet Protein products contain extra ingredients to help with weight management and fat loss. Examples for these are; Green Tea – An a natural Antioxidant with a reputation for weight loss success CLA – Clarinol (Conjucated Lineolic Acid) is a research proven diet aid and is particular popular with people trying to shift stubborn tummy fat. Pro Biotics – These are the friendly bacteria found in popular yoghurt drinks